The Resilient Entrepreneur

There is no question that entrepreneurship takes perseverance, discipline, and resilience. How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 in maintaining resilience on your journey to becoming a better entrepreneur?

If there is anything lacking, consider adding some easy-to-incorporate tactics to your arsenal.

The 90/10 Rule

All work and no play is a sure recipe for burnout and distress.  Incorporating the 90/10 rule could work to create a better balance.  With this rule, you would spend 90% of your time working, investing, planning future goals, learning, and health care. The other 10% would be spent on relaxing, socializing, self care, playing, and doing absolutely nothing. 

Create Healthy Habits

Habits are worth its weight in gold when it comes to resilience and success.  They create a knowing within you that certain things will happen because they are in your normal flow of events. Consider adding the following to your daily schedule: set times for discovery and learning, exercise, eating healthy, stress relief, accepting disappointment, and sleep.

Consider your industry

Some industries just move faster with the right investments.  Consider the industry you are pursuing. Some of the industries that are known to produce the most lucrative outcomes include: real Estate, finance, technology, social media, retail, and construction.

Optimize Your Life For Happiness

Resilience in almost anything you do requires balance, being an entrepreneur  is no different. Taking care of the parts of your life that matter most, such as family, health, and relationships will help you to pursue your dreams with more conviction and endurance.

Protect Your Energy

Not everyone in your circle will understand your grind.  Protect your mental focus by choosing your company wisely.  Listening to complaining, lacking mindsets, and negativity will zap your energy before you can even get off to the races.

Your quest for optimal resilience may be ongoing but your techniques and routines can be a helpful saving grace. Protect your energy and sharpen your habits for the better and you are well on your way to becoming a more resilient entrepreneur.

Create a 
Better Work/Life Balance

All work and no play a sure road to burnout.  When you aim to enjoy yourself, you do not have to spend a bundle.  Save up to 75% of prices on all of your travel.  Perfect for work and play!